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What is Viral Marketing? What are Different Tools of the Same?

Varun Hans

In our modern always connected world, viral marketing is a method of creating buzzwords or the marketing pieces that are rather attention grabbing and are memorable. Viral marketing utilizes social fringe media, the text messages, videos, and other person to person methods to spread the information pertaining any product or the service. It does not focus on spreading the information on the TV or the radio, because it’s a face to face interaction. Viral marketing actually uses the power of individuals sharing contents to get the messages out to as many possible as quickly possible.

As in the medical terminology, virus means, something which spreads extremely quickly. Similarly, viral marketing spreads quickly and extensively from one person to another. Just within minutes or in the fraction of seconds, even millions of the people are get the message. This has become the most powerful tool to share the valuable information in very short span of time. Creating a message that is engaging and worthy of being shared is the challenge that companies face when they want their marketing piece to go viral.

What Techniques Are Used in Viral Marketing?

To spread the awareness and to let the people talking about the product or the company, viral marketing concept gets the priority. The major responsibilities of the managers to generate the awareness about the product in every one’s mind, following ideas are pondered into-

  • Videos: The videos which are capable to grab the attention, by the way of their funny or exciting nature, are more liable to get viral. The more shocking your video is, the more it is likely to get viral.
  • Social media: The social fringe Medias, like as facebook, twitter, you tube and much more- are more likely to spread the information, as the media allow the people to easily share the message and greatly enhance the likelihood that it would be going viral.
  • Giveaways: The free something like as exciting apps or fun would tend to elaborate the same and people love to talk about what they got for the free and would love to let others know to relish the same benefit.
  • Reinforcement: To keep the familiarity of the viral message in the consumers mind for the longer time, its mandatory to have a series of viral messages that would strengthen the effectiveness of the campaign undertaken. Because, the onetime viral message may be forgotten quickly. For instance, while watching the ad for the first time, they may be forgetting about the insurance, but on progressive watching of the ad, like as seeing for five or ten versions of the same message, they would remember to have the need of the insurance.

Varun Hans

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