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The Online Marketing Concept, Differing Greatly From the Traditional Marketing Concept

Varun Hans

Its online marketing era, where the contemporary epoch does allow the use of computers. The main purpose of every kind of marketing is to lure the customers to create the brand image and sticking its claws in the market. However, with the incoming of the online marketing, most of the players have plunged into the information technology world to spread the information. The traditional marketing strategies have turned other way round. Let’s analyze the two for different aspects-

  • Cost: A huge amount of the cost is involved to keep the promotion running by the ways of ads on paper, billboard, television, radio and more. Whereas online marketing carry a cost which is virtually free or for certain marketing strategies, that are virtually free.
  • Coverage: The remarkable difference here lies in the fact that the newspaper or some other similar kind of media may be thrown away next day, whereas, the online coverage will always be there forever. It would be achieved on the internet and would be found readily whenever your customer needs it.
  • Audience: Traditional marketing strategies find its best use for the senior citizens, or low end economic citizens who are otherwise internet illiterate and cannot use it. Whereas, people who are never without internet in their reach, such as teenagers and businessmen, are easier to reach through online marketing.
  • Immediacy: Traditional marketing takes more time to go from a concept to finished products. It goes through numerous steps, each takes some times. Even, when it has been delivered to the customers, it cannot get into customers’ hands simultaneously. On the other hand, even though still takes time for developing concepts and creating contents, online marketing takes almost instantaneous time. It also can get into the customers simultaneously.
  • Tracking: There is numerous software available which can tally the number of people who viewed your message. Thus it’s extremely easy to track the customer behavior. Whereas, the opposite can be seen in case of the traditional marketing concept.

Varun Hans

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