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Creating Viral Content? The Secret is Get Contagious...

Varun Hans

What Makes Content Go Viral?

There are some people, who are able to craft contagious content every single second. Do you know about their secret? Do they know something? Which you don’t know? The answer would be yes, they do.

What Makes Online Content Go Viral?

Here are the highlights:

  • Positive Content is more Viral than Negative Content: You must have got amazed. The positive content is more contagious than the negative content.
  • Contents, Evoking High Arousal Emotions: Either positive or negative is more viral than content without emotion- if you think of anger, anxiety or anything related to fear of loss, are the high arousal emotions.
  • Practically Useful Content Gets Shared: To help your fans and friends with the useful content, people usually share the useful content. Like the utility or the useful articles for day to day items or the articles.

How to Create Content That Goes Viral

Well, positively uplifted content always get shared. There are lots of unhappy people in the world; there are lots of reasons of being unhappy. The content, that is uplifted and inspirational, helps people to get out of their rut.

Now, you have created these cliff notes. The general question arises, how can you craft contagious content? Moreover, how can you apply these insights directly to your articles? If you want to create high traffic content, then in my opinion, you must focus on practically useful content that activates high arousal emotions. It gives the best results.

Varun Hans

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